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list below Solabia’s HALAL peptones:
  1. Enzymatic digest of Casein KH – A144600
  2. Soy peptone F KPH – A163300
  3. Papaic Soy peptone KPH – A163700
  4. Wheat peptone KPH – A213100
  5. Broadbean peptone KPH – A223100
  6. Lupin peptone KPH – A233100
  7. Potato peptone KPH – A243100
  8. Pea peptone KPH – A253100

Potato Peptone


CONTEXT: This peptone is considered non-animal and is not concerned by GMOs (European Directive 2001/18/CE). To the best of our knowledge, it is not subject to directives concerning allergens and therefore outside the scope of mandatory declaration for product labelling according to Annex IIIa of 2003/89/CE, updated by 2006/142/CE). This reference is certified Kosher DE. An identical Kosher Pareve & Halal certified product is available under separate reference A243100.

APPLICATIONS: Characterized by stability and clarity in solution, Potato Peptone is well adapted to the fermentation industry and for formulation into culture media. It can be used as a supplement as well for Cell Culture. It is particularly well adapted to the agro-food fermentation market, in light of its 3N status : “Non-animal”, “Non-GMO” and “Non-allergen”.


  • Total Nitrogen = 12 ± 1,0%
  • Amino Nitrogen = 3,0 ± 0,5%
  • Sulfuric ash ≤ 10%
  • Chlorides ≤ 3,0%
  • Total sugars < 3,0%
  • pH (solution at 5%) = 7,0
  • Stability (solution at 2%) = stable
  • Aspect = light beige
  • Solubility in water at 5% = total
Aspartic acid 98
Threonine 50
Serine 46
Glutamic acid 94
Proline 42
Glycine 42
Alanine 45
Cysteine 23
Valine 48
Methionine 20
Isoleucine: 41 Leucine: 78 Tyrosine: 43 Phenylalanine: 45 Histidine: 20 Lysine: 64 Arginine: 50 Tryptophan: 8

Product Detail



Origin : Enzymatic Digest of Casein KH (Kosher, Halal) is obtained by an enzymatic digestion of casein of Oceanic (NZ or AUS) origin using all Kosher & Halal components. The product is considered Kosher Dairy due to the presence of milk derived casein.

Context : this peptone is produced from alimentary or food-grade casein, with enzymes of microbial origin. It is therefore compliant with the Note for Guidance EMEA/410/01 – Rev. 3 of March 2011 (2011/C 73/01 of the Official Journal of the European Union) but can not be considered allergen-free due to the presence of milk proteins (Annex IIIa of the EU directive 2003/89/EC, updated with 2006/142/EC).

Application : obtained through a process designed to produce a Kosher/Halal equivalent to Tryptone USP, but without the pancreatine, this peptone has been specifically developed for use in the food fermentation and probiotics industry, where growth of lactic acid bacteria is the primary focus but where a non-animal product is not essential. This peptone can be used by itself or as a component in more complex growth media as MRS broth, where excellent results have been observed.

Standard packaging

25 kg carton ; other formats inquire. Delivered with Certificate of Analysis, Certificate of Origin, Kashrus and/or Halal certificate. Separate non-Animal, GMO and allergen statements available upon request.


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